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Tall Bearded Irises

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  • Salem Gypsy
    $15.00 Salem Gypsy
    (Barry Blyth, 18) Sdlg. V148-1. TB, 36" (91 cm), M S. muted yellow, midribs muted violet; F. muted yellow, lighter yellow area around beards, violet-brown veining and wash over all of petal; beards bright orange; pronounced...

  • Shandygaff
    $12.00 Shandygaff
    (Keith Keppel, 2018) Sdlg. 12-52E. TB, 38" (97 cm), ML. S. chrome lemon (M&P 9-K-2) to straw (10-F-2) central area; style arms chrome lemon; F. lemon cream (9-D-1) shading to pinard yellow (9-J-2) at edge, hafts light...

  • Sunshine For Gayla
    $10.00 Sunshine For Gayla
    (Robin Shadlow 2017) 36" M-ML.  Named for my beautiful sister, Gayla.  Very clear bumblebee yellow self.  Wonderful ruffles- this is simply vivid in the garden. No one comes to the garden when it is in bloom...

  • Sweet As Honey
    $18.00 Sweet As Honey
    (Barry Blyth, 16/17) Sdlg. V126-1. TB, 35" (89 cm), M-ML. S. cream-white, apricot flush at midribs; F. rich smooth apricot; beards tangerine-orange. Legerdemain X Ginger Ice Our shipping season runs July 15 to August 31...

  • Tamale Time
    $20.00 Tamale Time
    (Keith Keppel, 2020) Sdlg. 13-17G. TB, 38" (97 cm), EM S. sulphine yellow  to colonial yellow center; style arms wax yellow; F. colonial yellow ground, port wine  to horse chestnut solid to washed markings almost...

  • Ten of Hearts
    $20.00 Ten of Hearts
    (Barry Blyth, 15/16) Sdlg. V114-1. TB, 35" (89 cm), LS. opalescent white, faint coral flush shading up through midribs; F. opalescent white, broad overlay of cream-lemon in centre, peach-apricot area deeper at hafts shading...

  • Valley of Dreams
    $15.00 Valley of Dreams
    (Barry Blyth, 15/16) Sdlg. V277-1. TB, 36" (91 cm), MS. ice lavender-lilac, infused honey-gold at midrib; F. rich sienna-brown, slightly lighter around beard; beards orange over white. Thrillionaire X S115-D, Infatuate...

  • Vista Point
    $10.00 Vista Point
    (Keith Keppel, 17) Sdlg. 08-24-A. TB, 39" (99 cm), MLS. port wine (M&P 56-J-12), very faint chrome lemon (9-K-2) peppering at base; style arms liver brown (7-H-9) crests, midrib, and wings light chrome yellow (10-L-4); F...

  • Volcanic Glow
    $10.00 Volcanic Glow
    (Keith Keppel 12) Sdlg. 05-78B. TB, 36 (91 cm), M S. aureolin (M&P 10-L-2), central area flushed cedarwood (6-G-10); style arms aureolin, slight cedarwood flush; F. zanzibar red (8-L-5), velvety wash, narrow aureolin...

  • Waterline
    $10.00 Waterline
    (Keith Keppel, 2012) Sdlg. 03-13A. TB, 37" (94 cm), EMS. pale blue shading deeper in lower center; style arms light blue; F. blue-white, ¼˝ light blue edge band; beards carnelian red on white base. Restless Heart X...

  • Wealth
    $20.00 Wealth
    (Keith Keppel, 2020) Sdlg. 13-61A. TB, 36" (91 cm), EM S. quince yellow, base and center suffused slate violet; style arms yellow, lavender lip; F. intense dark goldenrod haded brass toward edge; beards darker than golden...

  • When In Love
    $15.00 When In Love
    (Joseph Ghio, 2017) Sdlg. 11-16J. TB, 32" (81 cm), ML S. creamy apricot-white, coral-peach at base; style arms peach; F. golden apricot, center lighter, deeper apricot at shoulders to heart of bloom, light cream wire rim;...

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